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We make video games and creative products since 2006 & we're hiring talents so we can level-up <3

🤩WORK IN PROGRESS 2023 - 2025

Manga RPG

The greatest warriors in a manga fantasy world 

The beta version of Manga RPG is live, you can enjoy it full screen here or right below

Isekai Heroes

A trope multiverse parody adventure game 

Misty Romance

A narrative-lead story by girls for girls

Manga Wild

A manga adventure & battle game

Sport Manga

A sport manga parody game with a lot of adventure & fun

Our next games are being produced, join us and be part of the adventure! 

1. Script-writing, Chara-design & illustration

2. Tech development & engine creation

3. Sales and affiliation integration

15+ years dedicated to crafting beautiful and sometimes crazy web products, driven by our core values of excellence & humility: 

Welcome to our company information page, enjoy the ride! 

About the team

From 3 people back in 2006 until 70 now in Sofia, and 90+ around the world, the team has grown drastically in the last few years. And we keep growing! We have professionals in the following fields of work: 

This diversity of work and teams allow internal career path and mobility between teams. 

Collective intelligence & collaboration

Our goal is to become great through our products and our organization. In order to craft our strategy and work on our process, we run a special workshop called "Chibi Summit" twice per year with volunteers from different teams. Everybody can participate, give insights and collaborate to reach certain goals. 

Once the master plan is defined, volunteers take ownership of the results and lead the project in the organization. A weekly sprint review helps keep track of the progress or re-frame results.

Work on processes & organization is based on books, lectures, and experience. Our main sources of inspiration are "From Good to Great" by Jim Collins, "Principles" by Ray Dalio, "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries to name a few. Many others helps us share a common language among the team, and frame our master plan workshops. Recommended reads such as: 

With remote work, the office is a space for collaboration, creative work, social interaction, and team bonding. We inhabit 1000m² nearby South Park and Mall Paradise, which offers an easy and fast connection to the rest of the capital and a calm, and productive environment for our colleagues. 

Follow the Chibi signal! 

Our office is on 4 floors with dedicated space for collaborative work.

We love good food, good drinks, and good discussions, so don't be surprised if, after tech and gaming, the most discussed topics are food, health, diets, and sports. 😇


Since 2010 we have been working on our internal framework to deliver a fast and resilient product. In 2016, the framework became our game engine to craft fun adventures with compelling stories and amazing art.  

The Phoenix Engine is used to create and publish our B2B and white label games for our partners such as Wister, Orange, SFR, and Bouygues mobile operators. 

Internet and the web have always been our core skills, so our games are browser-based, fully responsive, compatible with all devices and platforms. Our goal is to deliver the best experience to every screen size, in every location.


Since 2006 digital marketing, affiliation, and media buying are our daily bread. We've developed deep expertise in these domains and we apply it to grow and distribute games.

MangAffiliation will distribute our own games but will also publish licenses from other game studios. We have been in talks since 2018 with major Japanese studios wanting to sell their games outside Japan. Hopefully, MangAffiliation will be the platform that will make this partnership happen.

PRODUCTS 2006 - 2021

2021 - GGPoker 

Learn basic poker rules with a game

Poker behemoth GGPoker asked for an easy-going funny game to teach basic Texas Hold'em rules.

With our partner Sytizen, we delivered! 

2016-2020: Serious games & consulting

From 2016 to 2020, with Trixir, we have released several serious games for various companies such as BNP Paribas, Thales and Groupe Rocher. The innovative approach to blend knowledge and learning into a fun and engaging game have convinced our partners over the years to use our services

The activity has been integrated into Onepoint Group (src & src & src) and continues to grow.

Most of Trixir's team is now working at Chibi Phoenix where delivering engaging games is still our driver.  

2020 - World of Thales

HR learning for new hires in Thales

2019 - GDPR demo OTS

GDPR good practices in a corporate environment

2018 - Cash me if you can

Cashflow management training

2017 - Cybersecurity BPN

Cyber threat awareness for banks

2013-2016 RankingHero

Social platform for poker players and live tournament results

The HeroScore has been introduced in 2015 to rank poker players based on a tridimensional criteria, the company won the Best Gamefication award the same year. 


2010-2012 Amilova

Online comics & manga publishing platform and social network allows authors and readers to share their passion for comics, manga, and graphic art. The site offers special tools dedicated to publish stories with chapters, scheduling, a comments section, and a collaborative translation system. 

The website is available in 5 languages (EN, FR, ES, JP, RU) and offers +1000 comics and manga to discover. Indie authors can discuss with their fans and monetize their art via the premium offer. 

2006-2010 Supernova Media

Affiliate marketing, B2B mailing routing and marketing campaigns

Chibi Phoenix & Friends

Technical University of Sofia 

We've donated computers and fully equipped a classroom, ready to host the blossoming young IT talents. The partnership is part of our effort to share our passion, and help educate and nurture the next generation. 

SuperHuman Podcast

Interview of Chibi Phoenix's CEO about his entrepreneur experience and Bulgaria by Georgi Nenov from Super Human Podcast.  


French Institute in Bulgaria

Partnership with the French Institute, introducing the game Misty Romance and organizing different lectures and a script-writing for games workshop during the "Novembre Numérique" event. 

Jurgen Appelo

Chibi Phoenix participated in the discussion panel  "The agile way to grow, transform and innovate your business" with Jurgen Appelo, the famous author of the best-selling book "Management 3.0".


Sofia Game Jam

Partner of the event Sofia Game Jam since 2018. And we've never won... yet!


French Tech Sofia

Chibi Phoenix is part of the founding team of French Tech Sofia, the teach-lead start-ups international network and European unicorn generator since 2020.


Chibi Phoenix & Media

Forbes Bulgaria

Chibi Phoenix превръща приключението в реалност


Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Interview of Chibi Phoenix's CEO, source

Chibi: The rebirth of the Phoenix 

A phoenix is born in fire and Chibi Phoenix is not different. Тhe company was forged in the fires of passion and it keeps reinventing itself.  Source

Guess who is in the top 10 Gaming Studio in Bulgaria ?

Need a clue ? read the article:  Source

Chibi Phoenix around the world

Tokyo Game Show & Comiket

Tokyo, Japan, 2018 & 2019


Kohn, Germany, 2018 and 2019

Affiliate World

Bangkok, Thailand, 2019

TES Prague

Czech, Every year since 2016

Crypto Game conference

Kiev, Ukraine, 2018 & Minsk, Belarus, 2018 (NFTs are so 2018! ) 

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One more thing...

Everything started back in 2006 with the 3 founders that decided to go on a new adventure. 

Adrien Bacchi


Laurent Gomez


Alexandre Panciera


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